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digital signage


A company’s show room is usually the best location to showcase available products and services. It is therefore very important to offer the visitor a presentation that convinces him or her of the company’s potential and advantages. TT Visual Design® offers several technology solutions that display various multimedia images on video walls or displays to put your company in the right perspective:

  • Corporate video clips
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Corporate website or internet pages
  • Stock Exchange Values
  • Enterprise software
  • DVD, etc.

Foyers and entrance areas are considered the company’s business card because their goal is to give visitors a good impression of the company and the business. These are particularly important places to get visitors’ attention. A video wall display is the perfect eye-catcher for a lobby and, at the same time, is the ideal medium for displaying important information about your company.

Usually, people stand in the entrance areas because they have to wait for someone for a while. This is the ideal situation in which to provide them with different information, and to show them that your company is based on state-of-the-art visualization technology.


Exhibitions, events, shows and stadiums

Trade shows, exhibitions and events are the perfect opportunity to present your company, products and services to a wide audience. They also represent an ideal place to make direct contact with qualified visitors. TT Visual Design® visualization solutions are the ideal visualization tool for presentation. The product range includes LEDWalls, modular LCD monitors, stand-alone LCD displays, decomposed controllers, and all other components needed to build an optimal solution for your needs.

Give your customers visual impressions they can never forget!


Visitor orientation support systems at airports, train stations, fairs and museums must provide clear, fast and complete information. In this case, the simultaneous display of information is especially important, such as arrival and departure times, floor plans, weather data, flight information, event notes, fair trade-TV or advertisements.

Aspects such as clarity, readability and brilliance are crucial criteria for the smooth functioning of the guidance system.

TT Visual Design® ‘s visualization solutions meet these requirements perfectly.

Several installations in this area have shown that TT Visual Design® not only provides well-designed products for these applications but also specially developed and customized solutions.