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High-quality optical A/V cables



High-quality optical A/V cables

TT-AOC series cables are suitable for transmitting 4K HDR audio and video signals over long distances at high frequencies without loss of quality.

They are also called hybrid cables because they have inside them both optical conductors for data transmission and a number of copper conductors for signal management metadata (power, ARC, CEC, DDC and Clock).Like traditional copper-only cables, they do not need an external power supply, they already have built-in HDMI-A, DP or USB-C connectors, and thanks to the extraordinary efficiency of the optical-copper conversion components they have extremely low power consumption, making them compatible with a wide range of A/V equipment on the consumer and professional market.

Great attention was also paid ne ensuring maximum transmission speed, TT-AOC cables introduce a delay of only 1 ms compared to corresponding copper cables making them ideal for connecting video conferencing systems and even for the most extreme gaming setups with distances up to 100 m. Achieving the highest quality in signal transmission is ensured both at the use of the best materials-such as Teflon, Kevlar for internal components, and gold for the connector jacket-and by a rigorous automated testing process carried out at the end of the production process to ensure signal stability over time even under difficult mechanical conditions with large cable bending radii.

HDMI 2.0, DP or USB-C standard, for full compatibility with all next-generation A/V systems.

Bandwidth from 18 Gps up to 48 Gbps, depending on cable type and reference standard …

Up to 4K@60Hz (4:4:4) resolution to drive high-resolution monitors with a single cable.

Resolution up to 8K@60Hz (4:2:0) to handle the new HDMI 2.1 ultra-high resolution monitors with one cable.

Subsampling without subsampling to ensure the highest quality of the transmitted image.

Length up to 100 m in numerous intermediate steps from 10 m.

Environmentally friendly H24 operation due to high-efficiency components and low power consumption

Extreme reliability, even at very tight radii of curvature .

Support HDR and HDCP2.2 on HDMI cables including earlier standards and ARC, CEC, DDC signals with EDID pass-trough

3-year warranty thanks to high-quality internal components and rigorous testing.

Technical specifications.