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Highly reliable security KVM Over IP system



HDMI and USB fiber optic extenders

The TT-EXT-H10 series is a family of products for extending over long distances either the HDMI signal alone or the entire set of KVM signals by means of fiber-optic links with H24 operation thanks to a fully hardware-based design.

Each transmitter and receiver module can be used stand-alone or installed in a high-density 19″ rack basket-with redundant power supply-representing an ideal compendium for video arrays and videowall graphic controllers with numerous video outputs.

These extenders support transmission of uncompressed HDMI signals at a maximum resolution of 1920×1080@60Hz and standard USB mouse and keyboard signals at a maximum distance of up to 10,000 m via a 9/125µm SC Simplex single-mode fiber optic cable and up to 500 m via 50/125µm SC Simplex multimode cable.

Single-mode and multi-mode fiber in a single apparatus.

Up to 10 km transmission distance with a single-mode fiber cable, or 500 m with multi-mode cable.

19″ rack mountinghigh-density up to 14 transmit and receive modules in a single 4U basket.

Loop through HDMI output on receivers to connect a local display and for diagnostics.

3-year warranty with H24 use due to hardware based design.

Optional redundant power supply on 19″ rack basket.

Technical specifications.