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KVM Over IP H.265 KVM system with multiviewer functions



KVM Over IP H.265 KVM system with multiviewer functions

The TT-KVM-IP-C is a next-generation, high-performance KVM using the open standard H.265 video protocol that enables transmission of ultra-high-resolution, moving video content with minimal bandwidth occupancy and low latency.


The system consists of transmitter nodes and receiver nodes that form a distributed architecture, based on user and group privileges, inherently redundant, capable of transporting over a Gigabit Ethernet network low-latency, high-compression video, mouse and keyboard signals with perfect maintenance of image fluidity and with the ability to transmit KVM signals with 4K video even to/from geographically distant locations.

Receivers have advanced get&push features to select sources or send them directly to other receivers, multiview to view and control multiple sources simultaneously on a single operator monitor. In addition, receivers can decode RTSP video streams from third-party H.264 and H.265 encoders (e.g., IP cameras). While in the case where a single workstation is connected to multiple monitors, the mouse roaming function allows continuous mouse switching as if working on a single extended desktop.

Distributed architecture based on user privileges with multiple redundant management nodes.

High compression H.265; high-efficiency compression protocol based on open standard.

Chroma 4:4:4​, due to the high efficiency of the protocol, it is possible to sample and transmit without subsampling.

Highly reliable H24 operation for intensive use.

Multi-view​, Displaying multiple sources (up to 8 sources in different layouts) on a single monitor.

4K resolution, for maximum compatibility with next-generation sources.

Touchscreen compatible for direct on-screen interaction instead of mouse.

Low latency for natural mouse and keyboard use with lag less than 50ms.

Real Time Switch for not losing any information when switching between sources.

Multi-site transmission thanks to high compression, it is possible to transmit the KVM signal geographically.

Technical specifications.