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Highly reliable security KVM Over IP system



Highly reliable security KVM Over IP system

The TT-KVM-IP-W is based on a KVM Over IP system, manufactured by Weytec in Switzerland, designed to ensure maximum reliability and security in the distribution of keyboard/mouse and video signals in the most critical control room environments in civilian and military environments.


The system consists of transmitters and receivers capable of carrying video, mouse and keyboard signals over a Gigabit Ethernet network with low latency and no loss of quality.

Transmitters are connected to the sources to be controlled while receivers can be used for both workstations and large video systems such as videowalls and ledwalls.

Both transmitters and receivers can be housed in 19″ rack baskets or stand-alone cases for maximum flexibility in terms of installation and with numerous redundancy options.

The system is completed with an innovative smart keypad that also integrates a KM IP receiver and a touchscreen display inside to ensure the best and most intuitive user experience on any type of work surface with the smallest possible footprint and easiest wiring. On either side of the integrated display, the Smart Keyboard has motion, brightness or speaker sensors and two customizable zones with function keys arranged in different configurations.

Smart Keyboard to build integrated workstations with keyboard, video and dedicated control buttons .

Maximum reliability for environments of the highest operational criticality.

Highly reliable H24 operation for intensive use.

Flexibility by linking system components via IP.

Lossless compression to ensure maximum image quality and lossy to reduce transmission bandwidth.

Low latency for natural mouse and keyboard use.

Real Time Switch for not losing any information when switching between sources.

Dual Video KVM transmitters to optimize of the number of devices in configurations with dual head PC sources

KM Dual USB transmitters for more conveniently connecting the mouse and keyboard of two PCs with a single link

Redundancy of components and power supplies (option).

Technical specifications.