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TT-MPU Serie

Mini Processing Unit graphics controller



Mini Processing Unit graphics controller

The mPU series is a range of compact multi-output processing units for use as thin clients or as mini graphics controllers for managing videowall systems through distributed processing. The mPU controllers are based on the latest generation CPUs with an ultra-compact design and engineered for H24 operation.

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The deployment possibilities of these high-performance mini-units are many, from thin client workstations for videowalls of up to 6 monitors to scalable solutions for large videowalls with distributed Ethernet-based processing.

Compact video input cards can be employed in each controller in the series to have systems capable of simultaneously displaying local applications, soft KVM, video streaming and local video inputs.

Multiple video outputs up to 6 outputs with advanced EDID control.

H24 operation due to careful engineering of high-quality components.

High performance with the latest generation Intel and AMD processors.

3-year warranty and proven reliability in continuous use.

Evolved diagnostics for analysis of functioning and early assessment of critical issues.

Long-term support by using professional components and OS with extended availability over time.

Watchdog timer to keep track of systems operation at all times.

Technical specifications.