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Video over IP distribution system with no compression and no latency



Highly reliable security KVM Over IP system

SDVoE technology, “the transformed matrix,” is a solution to replace a traditional audiovisual distribution system based on converter, matrix and videowall processor, without compression and without latency, over a dedicated 10Gb Ethernet network. This solution is ideal for meeting rooms and conference rooms.


The transformed matrix

SDVoE technology, “the transformed matrix,” is a solution to replace a traditional high-quality audiovisual distribution system based on converters, matrices and videowall processors, with no compression and no latency, with a new futurproof over IP system based on 10Gb Ethernet network.
This solution is ideal for all applications that need high-quality signals with no latency.
Control rooms, high-profile meeting rooms, board rooms, auditoriums, conference rooms, and medical applications are all contexts in which the benefits of this technology are highly appreciated.
In addition to video signals SDVoE can also carry audio, USB as well as Ethernet and RS232.

In addition, SDVoE offers additional features.

  1. Seamless switching: compared with Matrix switch that requires signal resynchronization, SDVoE switching is seamless.
  2. SDVoE can create videowalls, which means it can resize an image on multiple screens and make genlocks on multiple decoders
  3. SDVoE can also do multiviewer: Picture-In-Picture with the decoder itself. In the Matrix Switch world, this requires an additional video processor.

Uniquely interoperable

SDVoE is thus a complete ecosystem : more than 50 member companies offering more than 700 interoperable SDVoE products : any encoder can work with any decoder of another brand and can work on any 10Gb/s network using IEEE specifications.


The SDVoE platform protects the encrypted source content by applying AES-128 encryption to ensure that it remains protected in the system


An SDVoE is often cheaper to purchase, but also much cheaper to maintain because of easy upgrades: if one needs more inputs or outputs, that just means adding some encoders or decoders. It is also possible to converge computer networks on the prepared 10G SDVoE network.

Video over IP transmission of the highest quality the 10Gb/s Ethernet network ensures the transport of 4K signals in the absence of compression on the visible signal

No latency Latency of less than one millisecond

Highly reliable H24 operation for intensive use.

Audio in and out and USB (HID) support: ability to connect audio equipment and transmit keyboard and mouse (KVM) or and connect a touch monitor

4K resolution, for maximum compatibility with next-generation sources.

Data security:Information transmission is encrypted according to the AES-128 standard

Low power consumption Based on ASICs, the devices have very low power consumption (80% power savings compared to FPGAs).

Unique OPS format Allows you to connect any 4K screen or video wall directly to the SDVoE system,without any additional external device


TT-SDVoE-OPSC-Rxis a professional Audio/Video/USB SDVoE receiver compatible with all displays equipped with the standard OPS interface: it allows professional displays equipped with this interface to be integrated directly to the Audio/Video/USB network according to the open SDVoE standard, without additional hardware with a simple connection to the fiber optic or copper network.

OPS stands for Open Pluggable Specification, an open standard plug-in format that was developed by Intel™ to add flexibility and processing capabilities to professional displays.
The OPS connector allows the connected device to receive the power signal and transmit the 4K video signal according to DP and HDMI standards, stereo audio, and USB connectivity.
The main advantage is the simplicity of implementation. Since the module is integrated into the screen, it does not require any specific wiring, additional power supply or installation space on the back of the screen. Maintenance is also extremely simple because the OPS module can be replaced very easily without the need for dedicated tools.

The TT-SDVoE-OPSC-Rx receiver integrates a state-of-the-art ASIC chip that enables the reception of high-quality, latency-free 4K signals, and also integrates a powerful scaler and multiviewer compatible with the SDVoE standard inside.

Technical specifications.