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the most innovative solution for meeting rooms and huddle rooms.



The multi-touch table for the meeting room.

The T5 multi-touch table is the most innovative solution for meeting rooms and huddle rooms. It is designed so that people sitting around the table can comfortably reach the central touch area from any position.

The beautifully designed metal frame is ergonomically designed (for 6 to 10 people) and includes a high-performance controller based on the latest Intel CPU.

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A new high-performance OLED display (or optionally a professional LCD) with a razor-sharp resolution of 3840×2160 pixels and extended viewing angles delivers perfectly smooth and vivid images with high-quality content, even at extreme angles for people sitting around the table. It also has four side connection compartments equipped with power, video signal and data connections.

The table surface is a transparent multi-touch glass with 40 simultaneous touch, pressure and palm recognition.

All around the edge of the glass is a 20-cm surface of nanotechnology acrylic resin, i.e., anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch, anti-bacterial, with a soft-feeling matte finish. Optionally, it is possible to equip T5 with wireless cell phone charger and wireless connection for smartphone and table that are hidden under the surface, which can be customized with many colors.

Other options include a table lift, a powerful and crystal-clear sound system, and a wide range of colors and materials for the top, including fine wood species. The T5 multi-touch table can be joined with a squared extension to build a longer table.

The base table and extension can be joined with additional modules to make up different arrangements including L and U shapes.

❏ OLED display for the highest image quality without compromise
❏ Designed for meeting rooms and huddle rooms with a focus on ergonomics
❏ All-in-one solution with integrated display, controller (optional) and centrally managed structure
❏ Extensive connection possibilities through unique and customizable solutions of side connection bays
❏ High-tech materials such as acrylic nanotech resin and glass at the finishing touch
❏ Modular concept with main unit and extension adaptable to any shape, from linear to L or U
❏ Classic elegant Italian design combined with technical sophistication

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