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High performance graphics controllers for video wall



High performance graphics controllers for video wall

The TT-WBC series of graphics controllers was created for handling large video wall systems with multi-layer surface management system based on Intel® architecture and 64-bit operating systems.

TT-WBC controllers are based on state-of-the-art CPUs and a very fast PCIe communication bus with wide bandwidth to enable direct data exchange between video signal acquisition and output cards. All models in the series feature 19″ rack-mount cases with an occupancy of only 4U. Ventilation and power supply are redundant to ensure maximum business continuity.

The TT-WBC series is very flexible and scalable because it can be equipped with numerous I/O cards directly in the controller bus, and if the main PCIe bus slots are not sufficient, external expansions can be added that can extend the PCIe bus with additional slots for input and output cards. Multi-format input cards-DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, SDI, RGB, H264-and multiresolution-from single-camera CIF streaming to 4K resolution-can be employed in each controller in the series, simultaneously handling local applications and network connections to remote locations.

Multiple video outputs to control video walls of any size with modularity from 4 outputs.

Multiple video inputs for extended connectivity with HDMI, DVI, DP and RGB.

Streaming inputs for decoding multiple streaming streams without overloading the CPU.

H24 operation thanks to a reliable architecture suitable for control rooms with MTBF of 100,000 hours .

High expandability on high-performance PCIe bus with possibility of extension by interconnecting multiple houses.

Maximum performance with Intel® Core™ X-Series processors and the latest XEON-class CPUs.

3-year warranty and proven reliability thanks to redundant power supply and high-quality internal components.

Flexible storage with HDDs and SDDs of different capacities and with redundant RAID1or RAID5 architectures.

Evolved diagnostics for analysis of functioning and early assessment of critical issues.

Long-term support by using professional components and OS with extended availability over time.

I/O flexibility you can configure the controller with expansion cards for additional network connections Ethernet, USB, RS232.

Technical specifications.