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We have specialised in developing, furnishing and equipping control rooms for over 20 years.
We design the 360° control room set-up with the usual TT Visual Design® approach, which means relying on a serious, reliable and experienced company that studies your needs and on the basis of a careful analysis provides you with a complete control room.
We provide our customers with customised control rooms complete with:

  • furnishings
  • each specific technological component


To ensure functionality and effectiveness, control rooms must be built by those with specific experience and expertise.
We are experts in building and equipping control rooms complete with every component.
We customise the control rooms for each customer, always respecting certain conditions:

  • Economy of surfaces: we use variable multifunctional surfaces that can be adjusted in height and inclination to allow optimal utilisation of space and surfaces
  • Space-saving: thanks to the expansion up to heights of 2095 mm and their adjustment, the room height is optimally utilised. The result is an increase in usable area of up to over 60 per cent
  • Cable volume: the modular cable management system adapts to the cable volume in a specific way, functionally integrating strips of sockets and built-in cassettes
  • Ergonomics: thanks to precision height adjustment, active surfaces and work surfaces can be individually configured to suit the operator, ensuring optimum ergonomics.
  • Flexibility: we offer systems that grow with your needs step by step
  • Perfect visibility: the screen’s positioning on a height-adjustable plane ensures optimal visibility in front of the desk, which is essential in control rooms, where it is necessary to have a view of a possible video wall in addition to one’s own monitor


Thanks to dedicated and competent Italian staff,
TT Visual Design® supports its customers by aiming for maximum efficiency and guaranteeing accuracy and fast response times.

The Technical Support team helps customers solve problems that may arise during operation.
In addition, TT Visual Design® has set up a training and education service that aims to provide users with all the tools and comprehensive product knowledge to enable them to operate independently with the solutions
TT Visual Design® installed.

TT Visual Design® provides customised technical support for requests concerning functionality, management and product clarification via e-mail Web Ticket, telephone or remote access.

TT Visual Design® attaches great importance to the training and education of its customers and organises specific courses developed by our technical staff to ensure that our operating staff and partners are always up-to-date and acquire the latest knowledge about our products and their features.

These courses can be organised by the company
TT Visual Design® itself or by our local service partners.

OEM developments

For each project, TT Visual Design® guarantees a service delivery in a manner:


Questi obiettivi diventano ancor più significativi qualora i sistemi siano installati in aree strategiche, in cui per esempio è vitale garantire funzionalità 24 ore su 24, 7 giorni su 7 (per es. control room per il monitoraggio dati e sicurezza).

In these cases, there are special assistance programmes to ensure 24-hour operation without interruption.
The speed and effectiveness of TT Visual Design® solutions is guaranteed not only in Italy, but globally thanks to a worldwide network of partners.

Service, maintenance, repairs, consulting, are always carried out by TT Visual Design® staff and not delegated to third parties.
This always guarantees a high level of quality in service delivery through qualified, fast and effective interventions.

Contact TT Visual Design® for more information on available services and possible customisation.